7000 BCE

Luiseno Indians occupy lands between San Luis Rey and Santa Margarita rivers






San Luis Rey Mission Founded

Early 1800s



Corporal William Pittenger
  • William Pittenger fights in U.S. Civil War
  • Vital Reche settles in Fallbrook, takes up commercial bee-keeping and brands his honey “Fall Brook”, after the town of Fallbrook, PA.
  • Vital Reche donates land at Live Oak Park and Reche Rd. for the first Fallbrook School, The Fall Brook School.
Vital Reche

Fall Brook School
  • Second school built
  • Fallbrook Depot, originally built in the Santa Margarita Canyon, connected San Diego with points north. Fallbrook is known as the lunch stop for runs to Los Angeles or Yuma, Arizona
  • Non-ranch land opened for homesteading
  • First school district formed


Fallbrook Depot
First Baptist Church
  • Eleven subdivisions added, yards, 2 hotels and a bank
  • Real estate boom in Fallbrook
  • Fallbrook’s first newspaper, the Fall Brook Review
  • First church, the Methodist Episcopal Southegation
  • First lodge, The Good Templars, which evolved into the Women’s Christian Temperance Union
  • First Fallbrook Festival, the Strawberry Festival held in April
  • Irrigation District organizes and brings water from the Santa Margarita River
  • Fallbrook Water and Power Co. surveys for a dam and an aqueduct
  • Cates Hotel built with 60 rooms.  Later named The Naples and then the Hotel Ellis
Cates Hotel
Third Fallbrook school
  • Economy declines.  Bank closes, newspaper editor moves again.  Irrigation District fails.
  • The second block on Main St. burns to the ground, the volunteer bucket brigade was the only firefighting organization at the time
  • Fallbrook Irrigation District organized
  • 3rd school built
  • Fallbrook Masonic Lodge founded
  • Second school burns down, Reche School rebuilt the same year
  • Directors of Fallbrook Irrigation District vote to dissolve the company
Fallbrook 1890s
Masons Commemorative Plate
Pratt Olive Packing Plant
(Now Fallbrook Feed & Fertilizer)
  • Olives become more important crop than honey
  • First telephone service begins
  • Saturday Afternoon Club established, later to be known as the Fallbrook Women’s Club
  • Fallbrook telephone directory lists 19 subscribers
First Edition 1911
  • Citrus Association builds lemon packing plant to take advantage of new rail line into town
  • Bank reopened
  • Chamber of Commerce organized
  • Inland auto route to Los Angeles passes through Fallbrook
  • The Fallbrook Enterprise newspaper established
  • First avocados planted
  • Fallbrook High School built
  • First library established
  • World War I
  • Floods permanently close railroad station near De Luz
  • First burial in the Masonic Cemetary, following sever flu epidemic
  • First Girl Scout troop west of the Rockies founded
  • Farm Bureau Center in Fallbrook
  • New railroad depot was built on Alvarado Street
Fallbrook Library 1913

Depot on Alvarodo 1917
Main St / US 395
  • Fallbrook is on the major north/south road between Mexico and Canada, route now known as U.S. 395
  • Live Oak Park dedicated as County Park
  • First white line painted on Main Street
  • First sidewalks built on Main Street
  • Road paved between Fallbrook and Oceanside
  • Fallbrook Public Utility District (FPUD) formed
  • Road between Fallbrook and Bonsall paved
  • Order of the Eastern Star organized
  • Fallbrook Irrigation District is revived
  • Tomato product cannery opened
  • Bonsall Bridge opens
  • First Safeway grocery store opens
  • Hotel Ellis ceases operations
Bonsal Bridge
Fallbrook Citrus Association 1935
  • Great Depression, and the Civilian Conservation Corps creates the rock channel for the stream in Live Oak Park
  • San Diego County stations a fire truck in Fallbrook, a Model A Ford
  • Fallbrook Garden Club began
  • The C.D.F replaces the Model “A” fire truck with a 1932 Chevrolet fire truck
  • Reche Community Service Club organized
  • First Fallbrook Hospital opened
  • 3rd annual Future Farmers Day parade and show
  • World War II begins
First Fallbrook Hospital
Fire Dept with 1932 Chevy Engine
Camp Pendalton construction 1942
  • U.S. enters WWII
  • Avocado acreage increases dramatically
  • Dial telephone service introduced, bypassing the Operator
  • U.S. Government purchased land for Camp Pendleton
  • Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce incorporated
  • Rotary Club organized
  • American Association of University Women (AAUW) organized
  • U.S. 395 moved inland by 1948, thus Fallbrook is no longer on the “Inland Route”
  • First Fallbrook High School condemned as structurally unsafe to earthquakes, and a new one is built
Navajo Code Talkers marching at Pendalton 1942
Mission Theater Completed 1948
Fallbrook Hospital 1960
  • Fallbrook Hospital opens on Elder Street
  • James E. Potter School built
  • Boys and Girls Club incorporated
  • First Avocado Festival.  Avocado Festival Excursion Train brought attendees from Los Angeles to Fallbrook Depot
  • Friends of Fallbrook Library formed, sponsored by the American Association of University Women (AAUW)
  • Art Club began
  • Pala Mesa Golf Course built
  • Fallbrook Airpark opened with a dirt landing strip, and construction of hangars begins
  • Boys Club received becomes affiliated with Boys Clubs of America
  • New Safeway store replaces the old one
  • New building for the Library is built
Fallbrook Union High 1962
Fallbrook AirPark 1964
Excursion Train

  • Fallbrook Historical Society is formed
Fallbrook Library 1987
  • Fallbrook Land Conservancy formed
  • Library destroyed by arson 1985
  • Library rebuilt 1987

Library 2011
  • Fallbrook Hospital Closes
  • New Library replaces 1987 building
  • Railroad Heritage Park formed in 2018
Caboose installed at Main and Elder 2018