The Fallbrook Village Association, founded in 1993, literally arose from the ashes of Old Fallbrook.  The Fallbrook Hardware store had been built in 1888 on the corner of Main & Alvarado in the center of the new town of West Fallbrook.  When the old store was consumed by fire 99 years later, a burnt-out lot was left in the center of a town that was preparing to celebrate its centennial.  Civic leaders recognized this and other issues as important to revitalizing the business section.  The following is the timeline of the Fallbrook Village Association.

June 24th 1987The 99 year old Fallbrook Hardware store on the SE corner of Alvarado & Main burns down on.  This vacant lot will one day become Village Square.
reference:  The Enterprise June 25th, 1987

April 18, 1988: David Lowry, chairman of Fallbrook Community Planning Group creates Ad Hoc Committee for “Downtown Revitalization”.
reference:  The Enterprise April 14th, 1988

1989: Fallbrook Revitalization Advisory Council formed at invitation of County Board of Supervisors.
reference:  The Enterprise November 14, 1991

April 1989:  Fallbrook Revitalization Advisory Council proposes the Pico Promenade.
reference:  The Enterprise April 13th, 1989

April 24, 1990 Board of Supervisors approves Fallbrook Revitalization Advisory Council Action Plan.  Council has been meeting monthly.  Bill Ross is chairman.
reference:  The Enterprise April 24th, 1990

September 1991: San Diego County allocates $30,000 through block grant to a new Fallbrook Village Association to hire a Fallbrook Village Coordinator for one year.

reference:  The Enterprise September 12, 1991

November 14, 1991:  In an interview, chairman Vince Ross explains what the Village Association is and its goals.
reference:  The Enterprise November 14, 1991

November 1991: Village Association begins meeting weekly. 
reference:  The Enterprise February 13, 1992

January 1992:  Revitalization Council, Bill Ross chair, says Main Street blueprint is completed.
reference:  The Enterprise January 23, 1992

March 5, 1992:  Rose Markovitch hired as Fallbrook Village Coordinator, beginning on March 3rd in office space provided by Herr Development on Beech St.
reference:  The Enterprise March 5, 1992

November 12, 1992:  Village Association selling bricks for projected Village Square.
reference:  The Enterprise November 12, 1992
January 1993: In a news story, Vince Ross is mentioned as chair of the Fallbrook Village Association.
reference: The Enterprise January 7, 1993

March 1993:  Escrow opens for Beech St. Park.  Today this is known as Jackie Heyneman Park.
reference:  The Enterprise March 4, 1993

March 1993:  Village Association works with Land Conservancy seeking State funding for Pico Promenade.
reference:  The Enterprise March 25, 1993

April 1993:  Realtors donate commission of sale of land to Village Association for Village Square.  Ted Young is Executive Director.
reference:  The Enterprise April 1, 1993

May 28, 1993:  Village Square officially opens with Old Main Street Association.
reference:  The Enterprise April 27, 1993

February 1994: Association breaks ground on park at Beech & Mission.  Village Square recently completed.
reference: The Enterprise February 3, 1994

Dec 3, 2004: Articles of Incorporation are filed for the Fallbrook Community Development Corporation.
reference:  California Secretary of State, articles dated December 3, 2004

Dec 2, 2008:  Articles of Incorporation are amended on renaming the corporation as Fallbrook Village Association.
reference:  California Secretary of State, articles dated December 2, 2008

On Jan. 1, 2014: Roy Moosa became the new president of the Fallbrook Village Association, the position founder Vince Ross held for 21 years.
reference: Village News January 30, 2014

Tom Frew,
FHS Historian