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The wooden walkway leading to the south entrance of the main museum was constructed in 1981. It had deteriorated due to weather, rot and insects. In April 2019 the FHS board approved a budget for repair of the walkway.

During the later part of March an intrepid crew of volunteers reconstructed the walkway. The crew consisted of:

  • Don Mclean Jr.
  • Mike Mcguire
  • Jim Foster
  • Scott Atkins
  • Jeff Duhachek

Naturally, the scope of the project ended up being greater than anticipated. Not only were the deck boards rotting, but also the underlying joists. Fortunately, Mike, our construction foreman was undaunted due to his extensive building experience. We replaced the existing joists (3 fourteen foot 4 x 12″) and added 3 additional joists (2 x 8″). The new joists were necessary as the new decking material is plastic which requires closer spacing of the joists.