Vince Ross

It was a lucky day in our Friendly Village in 1964 when Vince Ross and his wife Joy moved in. They were looking for a place with a rural character and great schools for their four children, and that is just what Fallbrook had to offer.  Vince opened a real estate office on Main Street and continued his real estate and volunteer career. ”I have been fortunate in my life and have always felt that it was my duty to do things that will benefit others and my community.

A partial list of Vince’s community involvement includes: Founder and first president of the Fallbrook Village Rotary, Founder, Board Member and Vice Chair of the Fallbrook Revitalization Advisory Council which is now named the Fallbrook Community Forum, Founding President and now Vice President of the Fallbrook Village Association, Co-Founder and Vice President of the Fallbrook Land Conservancy, Fallbrook Elementary School Board member, President of the 1967 Fallbrook Young Republicans and more. “The question for me is, ‘how can I help my Community”

Vince Ross at Village Square

 Some of the lasting results of his efforts that have improved the quality of our lives in Fallbrook and can be seen with the formation of the Fallbrook Revitalization Advisory Council in 1988, that is still meeting, the formation of the Fallbrook Village Association in 1992  that created our Art Center, School of the Arts, Art in Public Places, the Vince Ross Square, The Heyneman Park,  Co-Founder of the Fallbrook Land Conservancy and partnership contributor for the donation of the Palomares House and Park and the Monserate Preserve and Trail. The Fallbrook Land Conservancy has grown to so it now owns 2300 acres composed of 14 preserves and 900 environmental easements and many trails.

Vince Ross in Sculpture Garden
Palomares House

Vince Ross is something of a Renaissance Man.  His Pioneering legacy will endure, but he always gives credit to the many deserving people who have worked hard with him to make good    things happen in Fallbrook.