Fallbrook Land Conservancy

Jackie Heyneman

Baby Jackie Norwlk
Jackie Heyneman
Bride, Jackie Norwalk
Save the Oaks and Save Our Forest 1972
Jackie, Chamber Citizen of the Year
Dinwiddie Preserve 1994
Hire a Youth Program 1996
Amicorps work at Pico Promenade 1997
Debbie Siever’s downtown mural 1998
The 2000th tree planted by SOS, an Afican Tulip, at Historical Society, Nov 1999
TV Channel 10 Leadership Award 2001

Village Parking area March 2002
Jackie and grandson Kort

South Mission 2001
Environmental Education Program 2004
South Mission 2007
Heller’s Bend restoration. 235 La Paloma, students plant 250 native plants 2009
March 19, 2009. Trees planted along East Mission from freeway to Fallbrook
16 new trees on Old Stage Road, February 2009
Jacke at Live Oak Park