(B396R) with standard fixed width

This tractor has a two cylinder all-fuel engine.  It features two wheels of fixed width in front, instead of the older “tricycle” look. Rear wheel fenders were introduced on this model. The fixed width models were useful in orchards.

George Borst purchased this tractor from his neighbor, Ted Melshimer whose ranch was east of the Borst ranch on Winterhaven. The Borst family used the tractor to control weeds between grove trees located at 1401 Winterhaven (then called McCormack Road) until 1957. Subsequently it was used at the grove on 2322 Brooke Road until 2002.

John Deere B396R at Fallbrook Historical Society Heritage Center
Serial number of FHS Model B reads 332098 (last digit is questionable)

The model B was produced from 1936 to 1947. This later model B, uses parts from earlier models such as the top engine cowling with the classic big letter “B” long used to distinguish a tractor from the much older John Deere Model “A”  But was not visible on the newer model Bs. The radiator front end appears to be from a 1937 model.  This front end axle is revised as the later BO  standard fixed width “orchard” model. Based on the serial number, according to TractorData.com, this tractor was built in 1941

Complete specifications for this tractor can be found at TractorData.com

2007.038.001 Tractor