Dorin “Dode” Martin

Dode and Kitten
Jack Story and Dode Martin
on D. Martin Lane (now Palomino Road)
c. 1937
Brother Donavan, Father Dean
and Dode Martin
early in WWII
Donavan, Mother Pansy Warren Martin
and Dode
Dwight Harding & Dode
Methodist Church
October 1944
Dode and Murray Hostetter
Bearded for Pioneer Days
Dode with 1940 Ford Convertible
(Custom Top) c. 1948
“Jupe” Mahr’s Auto Suppy c. 1950
Dode’s Center N. Main Street
(Pre- Dragmaster)
Cover car 1959 Hot Rod Magazine
Detroit Labor Day Annual
National Hot Rod Association
“Best Engineered” Tropy
Twin engine dragster. Built in Fallabrook
Driven by Dode at 180+ mph

National Drag Racing Hall of Fame Induction
Highest Honor March 1998
Fallbrook High School classes of 1943-44 Reunion
Live Oak Park 1975
Wife Muggins and Dode
with Restored Classic Lincoln Continental
1936 “CORD” 810
Restored by Dode