Janice Bricker

Mathew Ezra Ormsby
and relatives

Annie Findlay & John William Ormsby
Mother Bessie Ormsby Helsel, Dorthy,
Ashton Helsel, Dorothy, Herbert F.,
& Herbert M. Ormsby
Ashton, Roger, Janice & Bessie Helsel
Janice Oct. 1935
Garth and Janice Bricker
Garth and Janice Bricker’s Family

Garth and Janice Bricker 2004

Janice's Great-Grandfather Matthew Ezra Ormsby Early 1880's
Monserate School c. 1905
Herbert Findlay and Bessie Elizabeth Ormsby
Bessie & Herbert Ormbsy Grandma Elizabeth Findlay
c. 1908 Ranch at Couser Canyon
Dorothy age 4 Bessie age 7 Couser Canyon Rd.
Old Ranch at Monserate, CA - Couser Canyon Rd.
Mrs. Drew & Grandma Findlay 1910 Corner of Main & Fallbrook St.
Grandma Findlay's Home Corner of Main & Fallbrook St.
Bessie Ormsby and cousin
Leonard Campbell
Bessie, Dorothy
& Annie Ormsby
Dorothy Ormsby
Grandma Findlay
Bessie Ormsby
Ranch on
Couser Canyon Rd.
Monserate, CA
c. 1915
Old Bonsall Store - Once owned by Janice's Grandfather - c. 1919
Monserate & Lilac
Old Timers
Oceanside CA
July 4, 1919
Ormsby siblings
July 4, 1929
Roger & Janice Helsel
May 1938
Escondido, CA
Janice's Parents
Bessie (Ormsby)
Ashton Helsel
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