Maddock Nursery

Joellen, Steve, Dave & Garth Maddock

Joellen Maddock
Jack Maddock

Maddock Nursery began in 1946, when Jack and Joellen Maddock moved to  Fallbrook from Duarte, CA. Jack purchased a lemon grove, and was one of the first citrus growers in the area. Over the years he expanded his operation to   include avocado trees, and other citrus varieties. In 1960, he began the nursery  portion of the business, supplying plants to friends and local growers.

Maddock Ranch House Duarte, CA
Steve and Dave Maddock

Jack and Joellen ran the business alongside their three sons Dave, Steve and  Garth, and together earned the respect of the citrus and avocado industry in  Southern California. Also becoming like family, several employees from the early  days of the business are still working here today. Always at the forefront of  this business was their focus on hard work, quality product and good stewardship  of the land.

Martin Diaz, Seteve, Dave, Garth
Marcos Alcaraz and workers in back row
Maddock Family
Steve, Gail, Maria, Dave, Garth,
Jack and Joellen
December 1993, Jack and Joellen’s 50th Wedding Anniversary
Maddock Nursery Office

As the industry has grown and changed, Steve and Dave have continued to  
strive for excellence in the trees they produce and have stayed current on new  plant varieties and rootstocks. As the next generation of Maddock boys (John and  Jackson) carries on the farming tradition, Maddock Nursery continues to be a  highly respected provider of quality citrus and avocado plants to growers,  wholesalers and retail customers.

Navel Orange trees headed for Rockefeller Center, NY.
Later were moved to the Botanical Gardens in New Jersey

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Brother/Sister 1925
Joellen & Lawrence (Andy)
Westwood, CA
Now the site of UCLA
after 1933
Joellen 1943
Occidental College
Jack Maddock
(on left)
Captain of a
During WWII
Joellen and Jack Maddock
25th Wedding Anniversary
Chamber of Commerce
55th Awards dinner.
Steve and Joellen Maddock
accept Small Buisness of
the Year award for
Maddock Nursery
Martin Diaz
Foreman since 1954
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