Robert A. Woodbury

Robert Woodbury was born on August 22, 1928 in Fallbrook to Bert and Gladys Tubbs Woodbury.

Robert’s grandparents, Forester and Mary Jane Woodbury, moved to Fallbrook from Washington state in 1889 with their son Bert. They also brought their married daughter , Laura Elanor Woodbury Westfall and her husband, George and their children, Vivia, Victor and Gerald. Forester bought a 10 acre homestead on Olive Hill road for $1300.

Bert Woodbury and Pat White

Bert Woodbury was employed by Johnson’s Ostrich farm. While employed there he spent 3 months in Hawaii setting up a branch of the business. Bert became the Fallbrook Post Master in 1910. In 1917 Bert bought the Oscar Hafner building which he converted into a Post Office and stationary store.

Gladys Woodbury 1931

In 1924 Bert married Gladys Tubbs. The Woodburys made their home behind the Post Office/Store. Their first child Mary Gladys was born in February 1927, and Robert was born in August of 1928. In 1943 Bert ceased being Post Master, and the store was converted into a five and dime store. Bert sold the store to Sikkings in 1945.

Woodbury’s store c1930
Mary Gladys and Bob at house behind store 1931
Bob Woodbury 1931

Robert’s family enjoyed traveling in southern California. Bert liked to fish. Bert and family took a fishing excursion on the Ike Walton barge harbored in San Diego bay.

Bob and Mary Gladys
Bert’s Catch
Robert Woodbury c1953

Robert graduated from Fallbrook High School in 1946. Bob worked for Leyth Manufacturing (located in what is now the Del Rey building). Later he worked for Mr. Jenowein, a brick mason. Bob studied Mechanical Engineering at Palomar College and later at SDSU. Bob was drafted in June 1951 . He served as a machinists helper in Korea until 1953 when he was discharged.

General Hoffman presenting award to Robert

Robert married Mae Christeen Hughes in 1953. Bob and Chris moved to San Diego after they were married. Bob worked for NWS, a construction firm and went to SDSU at night. The Woodbury’s had 3 children Robert William , Timothy Joseph, and Jeffrey Forrester. In 1966 the Woodbury family moved to Santa Rosa for Bob’s job with Optical Coding Labs. In 1972 they moved again, this time to Fallbrook, for Tim’s allergies. Bob worked in Oceanside for a while but then went to work at Camp Pendleton as a machinist. Bob continued working at Camp Pendleton until he retired in 1990.

Chris was not idle, she worked for 4 1/2 years at Thrifty Drug. Between 1977 and 1980 Chris and partner Nancy Howard, ran a clothing business, Mamma’s Mercantile, on Beech Street in Heritage Square. Dick Grisset, Heritage Square owner, and Chis started Wayside Cafe in 1983. The Wayside Cafe was a family run business, Bob, Rob and Jeff all worked there as well as Dick and his daughter Jo Lu.

Wayside Cafe c1983
Bob and Chris Woodbury

Aunt, Elanor Westfall with
Gladys, May Gladys and Robert Woodbury


Bert, Bob, Mary Gladys and Gladys Woodbury


Bob Woodbury
on Main Ave
in front of
Woodbury's Store


Christmas 1932
Bob kept the
Santa doll for many years


Elanor Westfall,
Bert, Gladys,
Mary Gladys
and Bob Woodbury
Pala, 1933


Gladys Woodbury
Woodbury's Store


Bob and his Dog


Interior of
Fallbrook Post Office
Inside Woodbury's
1917 - 1933


Family Picture
Rob's Wedding
Tim, Rob, Chris ,
Bob and Jeff

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